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Recent Trends in Structural Designs

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Recent Trends in Structural Designs
Recent Trends in Structural Designs

Trends play a major role in any work that an architect designs.  Each homeowner desires a unique design of any structure in her property. However, they may as well be influenced by what they see from the internet, and what they see from the homes they have visited. As we are in changing times, the modern lifestyle has impacted the designs in our homes and new trends in structural design.  The balustrade system provides safety for individuals while walking up and down the staircases.  The staircase designs have been changing over the years with the increase in new trends. Below are some new trends of structural design in UK.

Mixing different metal in your staircase

Mixing metals is another increasing trend in structural design which provides a stunning balustrade and enhances the staircase beauty. The balustrade in UK can have a different colour to another component of the staircase like the handrail. However, it is recommended that the metals used in the balustrades have a similar colour. Using a mixture of texture is also a trend that brings up uniqueness in your staircase design.

Use of glass balustrades

The structural glazing system has gained more importance in modern structural design. Most modern buildings have been constructed using glass balustrades and balconies which offer a striking appearance to the interior of the building. The glass balustrade system enhances the style of your home as well as the aesthetic feature. Glass enhances natural light, and it is easy to clean making it a desirable material for those who own homes. Use of glass in balustrade in the UK is an increasing new trend in the structural design.

Stainless steel frames

Using these durable and top-notch frames for your staircase provides safety and striking beauty to the interiors. It is as well an increasing trend which provides uniqueness to your interior décor as well as class to your staircase.

How to achieve the best design?

Always work with a well-experienced architect for any design project. This will ensure that you get a design that takes the trend into consideration and that suits your need. Reputed companies in the UK like TIW Fabrications have the expertise you need and offer bespoke design for your staircase needs.