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“Helical staircases (also referred to as curved staircases) are a modern variation lead upwards in a flowing arc creating a panoramic view – making these staircases ideal for retail, showrooms and other public spaces- however they do look just as glamorous in residential and office locations to make a statement. Combining various materials and designs allows for the possibilities of helical staircases to be endless, with the addition of less traditional materials we are able to create an exclusive showpiece staircase tailored to the needs of the client.”

Helical Staircase


“Straight flights of stairs are simple, yet with design and the variety of options available, a timeless sophisticated piece can be created. We work with clients to select design concepts that will make their staircase functional and suited to the individual and the surrounding area.”

“At The Ironworks we are aware of all the variations that may be required and we can create straight staircases that are; functional, exclusive, or even both- completely depending on what the client is looking for. We are able to draw up initial designs for spaces in which staircases are to be installed; with the numerous choices available in materials, finish and style- creativity and quality of projects are paramount to us at TIW Fabrications.”

Straight Staircase


“Spiral staircases differ from helical staircases as they typically contain a central pole; which acts as a medial axis for the stairs to curve and wind around in a circular pathway. The diameter of a spiral staircase if uniformly constant, and therefore can be functional in a small space as well as making a classic yet bold statement. A TIW fabrications spiral staircase can be crafted into an individual piece by combining a variety of materials, to create a perfectly suited spiral staircase to the client’s wants and needs.”

“TIW fabrications has a vast selection of STAIRCASE DESIGN DRAWINGS. CONTACT US now for installing GATES AND RAILINGS, RAILHEADS and Balustrades in UK.”

Spiral Staircase